It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was blowing and the trees wailed in protest against the inhumane treatment of being subjected to having wind blown into their faces…until they remembered that they don’t have human rights since they aren’t human, therefore they can’t be treated inhuamnely, and the fact that don’t have faces in the first place. Here, a mysterious beast marked this place as its territory.

Suddenly, an unbelievably handsome and charismatic man who wrote some Science-Fiction, comedy, Cosmic Horror and that little smidgen of fantasy appeared in the distance, riding on a cheap horse that he had…er…”borrowed” from the “kindhearted” local Knight/Paladin (better known as ‘the lvl 5 Paladin that fails 75% of his resistance rolls’ to his friends) while wearing a tacky dollar-store t-shirt and shorts, which looked so incredibly out-of-place in the forest that one wonders whether this man was colour-blind. New to the mysterious craft of writing and other such esoteric matters, the novice approached the vaguely-described monster quietly, with obvious hesitation and caution, for he knew what this heinous monstrosity is.

It was a truly monstrous abomination which had caused the unjust death of many a main characters, even larger amounts of horrific disasters known as ‘plot holes that are too big to be filled’, and the ultimate destruction of The-World-As-We-Know-It (or simply as TWAWKI, for the linguistically apt). Yes, this slumbering beast within the woods was known, and feared by many, as…’The Mary Sue’.

The man wordlessly stumbled towards monster whilst checking his modifiers and quietly recited his character sheet under his breath to placate himself as he undertook this nigh-impossible quest of slaying the Mary Sue.

The sound of dice rolling boomed over the distance. His eyebrows creased handsomely, as he raised his +3 Sword high above his head and—

Oh yeah, and this is the official blog of Yicheng Liu, a helpless bystander who also happenes to be a passionate writer, Role-Player, and Game Master. He is active on Twitter under the handle @Liu_liu0074 and he is currently trying (and failing) to find a balance between reading, writing, and playing RPGs.